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Coaching and Mentoring Authors

—Working from any starting point in author’s competence level

—Identifying author’s best working style and approach; determining 
      how much help the author both needs and wants

—Working with the author to take a project through the stages of idea expansion,
      content development, and manuscript refinement

—Step-by-step transformation of rough ideas, raw material, and outlines
      into full content drafts

—Supportive research

—Honest evaluation

Shaping and Refining Book Content

—Full range of substantive editing, line editing, and style-tagging

—Maximizing author’s distinctive personality, style, and voice

—Strengthening overall book structure: rearranging and organizing
      content for maximum impact and progression; supplying
      multiple levels of headings as appropriate

—Maintaining and reinforcing each book’s clear consistency
      with biblical truth and values — ironing out areas of
      potential theological misunderstanding or offense

—Pruning and adapting content for smoothness and flow — improving clarity of logic,
      consistency, and conciseness

—Ensuring smooth transitions between all sections and parts

—Enhancing book content by adding elements such as application questions and exercises,
      Bible study questions and exercises, discussion guides, and small group helps

—Index preparation

—Providing relevant guidelines for interior design and typesetting

—Overall focus on ensuring accuracy, integrity, good taste, and audience acceptability

Preparing Promotional Copy and Strategies

—Content-focused promotional strategies for effective
      decision-making in titling, subtitling, and other
      cover content, plus catalog, advertising, and other
      promotional copy

—Articulating book descriptions that engagingly convey
      and highlight (for marketing and sales teams) a book’s
      true strengths, features, and benefits

Analyzing Proposals and Manuscripts

—Analyzing effectiveness for intended audience

—Identifying strengths and weaknesses in style, organization,
      and marketability

—Competition and genre analysis

—Identifying alternative approaches and directions for maximizing
      each idea’s potential

—Strengthening and enhancing project proposals for the most
      effective evaluation by publishing decision-makers