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(Author of If God Is Good... and numerous bestselling books)

« Thomas Womack is both a friend and a skilled editor. We have worked together on various projects in the last twenty years, and I have always found him to be unusually perceptive, analytical, honest, and immensely talented as an editor. His reputation is far and wide in Christian publishing, and Thomas is a man of Christ-centered integrity. I highly recommend him. »

                                                           * * *


(President of Blackaby Ministries International, author of Unlimiting God and Seasons of God, coauthor of Experiencing God):

« Thomas Womack knows about far more than grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. He grasps issues, deep meanings, overarching themes, and God’s word. Whenever I worked with Thomas on a book, I always knew I was in great hands. He always made my writing better. Much better. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you as an outstanding editor. I am confident you will be extremely pleased with what he does with your manuscript! »

                                                           * * *


(Worship pastor and author of Worship Matters and True Worshipers)

« Each of the two times I worked with Thomas Womack on a book was a joyful and inspiring experience. I was impressed with his creativity, attention to detail, punctuality, humility, and faith for each project. I'd highly recommend him as an editor to any author. »

                                                           * * *

from C. J. MAHANEY:

(Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church, Louisville; author of The Cross-Centered Life)

« Before I began writing, I heard stories from other authors about the challenges
of working with an editor. My experience with Thomas Womack defied those expectations. Not only did Thomas provide skill, insight, and enthusiasm for my work, he was always patient with this novice author throughout the writing and editing process. Working with Thomas was a joy. If you are looking for a sharp, experienced, and patient editor, then look no further than my friend, Thomas. »

                                                           * * *


(Writer, editor, and author coach)

« When Thomas edits a book, I trust him to do a thorough job of preparing my manuscript for publication. But even more than catching typos and correcting grammar, he gains a sense of the book's message and tone and helps me say even more powerfully what I was hoping to say. He also brings a solid understanding of the Bible, which has prevented me from perpetrating more than one scriptural gaffe. »