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Coming Soon: THE SHAVA SAGA 


Three historical novels:

One Day a Warrior —

The Sound of Seven Thunders —

A Thousand May Fall —

THESE THREE STORIES together tell a bigger-than-life tale
of a “barbarian” raised as an orphan slave among the Roman military,
but kept unaware (during his childhood) of the fact that he’s a close relative
to the ruler of the Parthian Empire (where Iran and Iraq are today; back
then—second century A.D.—Parthia was Rome’s most hated enemy).

Slaveboy Shava, who’s extremely gifted both physically and mentally,
doesn’t know that his father was Parthia’s greatest military hero,
that his mother is still living (a Roman slave herself), and that when he was
still an infant, some grandly mysterious prophecies declared that he would
someday become a leader and deliverer for the Parthian people.
All Shava knows (in his ignorance) is that he wants to grow up and become
a Roman soldier, and that he’d make a really good one. Divine destiny
intervenes and bashes him in a series of tragic and disillusioning blows
that wreck his plans and redirect his heart. Eventually Shava returns
to Parthia as a young man, struggling to live out his true identity 
as he encounters death threats, civil war factions, a friend who
betrays him, and a young woman he knows he must marry.

Further complicating the tale are some swirling and unavoidable
religious tensions. There’s the entrenched system of Roman gods,
and a rising mystery cult that worships Mithra the Bull-Slayer,
and the lure of the ancient Magi of the East—and then also
an outrageous upstart movement that worships a man
they call Christos, a crucified teacher from Palestine.

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